Westdale Church Mississauga

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Southern Baptist
1991 South Millway,
Mississauga, ON L5L 1R4
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Worship Service

Sundays 2:30PM

About Us

Westdale Church held its first worship service on August 9, 2020. Who would have thought that a church could be planted in the middle of a vicious global pandemic? It was like a tiny vibrant seedling that sprouted in the midst of a rough and arid soil.

Even the COVID-19 pandemic failed to stop Westdale Church in its tracks. Due to the lockdown restrictions, the worship service migrated to its online platform on October 4, 2020 but returned to in-person service as soon as the restriction was lifted.

Despite the lockdown, the gospel was still shared through intentional evangelism. Thanks to the provisions of the Lord that through virtual platforms the harvest was made possible.

What started as a prayer session for COVID-19 patients on September 12, 2020 turned out to be a regular Saturday 6am prayer online activity. This has since served as an early morning nudge to join a virtual gathering that focuses on the Word of God, and on prayers and fellowship.

The discipleship training and development program of the church has continued to thrive via in-person and online activities. These have continued to provide a venue to further study the Word of God, the foundations of the church, and the principles of service.

To see a vibrant Christian Church in Mississauga heeding to the call of the Great Commission (Matthew 28:19).

To win different ethnicities through lifestyle and creative intentional soul winning, bringing them to the awesome presence of God through worship and growing them through discipleship and fellowship.

Leadership Commitee

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